The Top 3 Things To Keep You Roof In The Best Condition


A roof over your head is a phrase every one of us has thought about. It is a dream to own a house, a home, an abode. What most people are ignorant of or just ignore is the value of the roof. When we say roof, we mean the actual ceiling of a house. It is the single most valuable part of a building. Ask any good roofing contractor, and they will unequivocally say that the cost of a roof is only fractionally less than the entire home.

This means that maintaining a roof is tip-top condition becomes crucial. Just periodic checking and repairing can extend the life of any roof. You can check for details at and try to find the cheapest contract to replace the roof. Maintenance prevents costly projects. In this article, we talk about some of the things a homeowner can do to stop leaks, damage and replacement of roofing material.

• Mold and mildew are a common problem, especially if the home is in a humid area or one that sees high amounts of rainfall. For most homeowners, the easiest way to solve this problem is power wash. Do not do so. A power wash ejects water at a very high pressure, while that may remove unwanted growth it also causes damage that can go undetected.

These issues like water seeping under the tiles of the roof or the shingles can snowball with time leading to gigantic problems. Use chemical products available in the market to remove mould, stains and mildew. Better yet, hire professionals to clear out the roof.

• The adage prevention is better than cure doesn’t apply just to medicine. One should practice it in daily life, too. So, inspect your roof. Do so after every thunderstorm, hail or forceful weather phenomena. One should also do a thorough check twice every year. This inspection can prevent some of the most common issues with roofs. Avoid walking on the roof, as that too can cause damage. Use a binocular to check every inch of it.

If going on the roof is unavoidable, wear shoes with rubber soles. Keep the ladder braced to prevent toppling. Further, be very careful of where you step your feet to avert a slip and fall.

• When you do the bi-annual check of the roof or one after a storm and see missing or broken shingles, replace them immediately. Tiles or any other roofing material can be damaged due to any reason like:
Water Leaks

It should be a priority of a homeowner to either repair them or restore them promptly. A damaged spot, left unchecked, will create more havoc. It will allow the elements of nature a free reign which in turn will create more harm.

These are top three things any homeowner should do to maintain the roof in the best condition possible. Besides these, trimming trees and periodic cleaning of the gutters also helps keep the roof in a top-notch state.

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