Real Estate Broker Challenges Zillow

Every business on this planet carries the risk of various types. Among various risks, the aspect competition is considered to be really challenging for the business owners. Besides businesses, professionals have their own challenges in their respective market. Interestingly, a unique type of challenges is encountered by the real estate brokers in America. The Stop Zillow campaign is one among these challenges faced by Phoenix based real estate agent, who is challenging the NAR (National Association of Realtors) to arrest the activities of the popular Zillow, which is an online database firm for the home buyers and sellers. To know more about the present crisis between the real estate agents and Zillow can be viewed on the website

Here readers need to know some facts about the present crisis that is happening between the realtors. Started as a database firm Zillow now involves in various types of activities which include the job of the local realtors. It is here, the conflict between Zillow and the real estate agents commence as many these professionals feel the real threat to their profession. Zillow has started a new scheme under the banner of “Instant Offers” which is a program that allows sellers and buyers interact each other and bypass the realtors and deprive their commissions through the brokerage.

Undoubtedly, such an action irks these freelancing professionals to a great extent. To add more fire to the fuel, this unique program offers the homeowners an opportunity to get instant cash-offers online through a bunch of potential investors. Also, these plans are rightly executed by making a clear and comparative market analysis from the Zillow executives from the local areas. Zillow also uses the services of advertisers to promote its business. Since Zillow has many expansion programs in this venture, many realtors feel that people will be more attracted towards the online dealings and if this activity continues for some time, it can make all the real estate agent becoming obsolete.

According to the local realtors like Greg at Phoenix are agitated in this whole issue and accuses Zillow of taking a ride on the consumers. Most of these freelancing realtors have the opinion that the consumers or the homeowners are ripped off by giving a major portion of their equity by using these attractive and eye-catching offers. These agents claim that consumers need to face a big risk factor besides buying the homes at a highly discounted price. They also claim these deals offer zero protection to the clients.

Presently, these agents have started a signature campaign against the activities of Zillow and even accuse Zillow of taking away the rights of spending from the home sellers. This seems to be serious situation wherein no solution has been reached as the pilot project of Zillow has just now commenced. This business strategy of Zillow is going to damage both realtors as well as the public in large. Though most of the realtors do not oppose the business activities of Zillow, they are keen on stopping Zillow from the real estate online activities.

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